Faith Baptist Church

  Middlebury, Indiana 

     Faith Baptist Church was founded in 1972 by Pastor Mike Quirey and a group of four adults. They began meeting in the Middlebury Elementary School in September of 1972. In 1974, they purchased the St. Paul’s Lutheran Church building at 110 N. Brown Street. Brother Quirey pastored the work for three years. In 1976, Pastor Dale Silver came to pastor the work for nine years; after which Brother Don Robinson took the ministry for a year. In 1984, the church brought Pastor Donald A. Chesher on as the new pastor. He faithfully spent 32 years ministering to the congregation of Faith Baptist.

      Upon Pastor Chester’s retirement in December 2016, Steven L. Yater became the pastor of Faith. In June of 2017, the church building at 110 North Brown was lost to a fire. However, the church, the body of believers in Christ lives on. Through God’s divine providence He has provided for His flock. On the 5th of November 2017, the Family of Faith Baptist Church held their first full Sunday of Services in their new facility located at 301 South Main Street still in the heart of Middlebury.

        It is the desire of the members of Faith to pursue an intimate walk with the Savior developed by sincere Bible study and prayer. With the intent to be disciples that make disciples fulfilling The Great Commission to go into all the world and preach the gospel.